Hi there.  You’ve either made it to this page because you want to know just what we do with the personal information you provide us, or because you were trying to click on the “order” tab and missed.  If the latter, then just click “back”, and go find yourself some delicious 100% organic, grass-fed, free-range beef.  If the former, then here’s what you need to know:

We’re going to try to tell you everything you want and need to know about what we do with personal information.  If you don’t find the answers you’re looking for here, please email us and let us know.  Also, we may change some of these policies for any reason at any time, most likely if and when we start to offer new services on the website.  So you may want to come back and check these policies from time to time.

Why Do We Want Your Information Anyway?

We really like information.  We crave it almost as much as you crave delicious fries cooked in 100% Bertolli® olive oil.  We love collecting information because we love making your experiences with us better and better.  We call this “elevating” your experience.  Information helps us figure out what kinds of products you like best, what kind of improvements we can make to your experience with us, and what will make you want to enjoy our food even more.  So keep feeding us information, and we’ll keep feeding you delicious food that you can feel good about eating.  Deal?

How Do We Get Your Information?

We’re only going to get personal information that you give to us (though sometimes you might not even realize you’re giving it to us).  Some of that will be in the places on the website where you type in your name, your email address, and anything else that we ask for and you choose to give us.  You might even send us an email telling us how great your Fancy Fries were, suggesting that we start selling bacon milkshakes, or just checking in to see how our day is going in the guest feedback department (and it’s going just swimmingly, thanks for asking).  If you email us, we’ll collect information there.  And we might also collect some information from cookies – not the delicious Founder’s Cookies (the ones by the register with the chocolate chips and the nuts) – but the less delicious kind that contain information that your computer sends out every time you visit a website.

What Kind of Information are we Collecting, Anyway?

If you register with us, you’ll see that we’re going to ask for your full legal name, your email address, your street address, and maybe your telephone number.  We’ll keep track of all of that information.  We’ll also have your username and password if you set one up (but don’t worry – your childhood pet’s name is safe with us).

Every time you order food with us, send us an email, or enter information in any way on our website, we’re going to keep track of that.  We’re probably going to keep track of what you order, what time you order it, and from what location.  Why, you ask?  Because we want to elevate your experience.  Remember?

What About The Children!?

Our online ordering, guest registration, and guest feedback pages are directed toward and designed for use by persons 13 and older.  Now don’t get us wrong – we are absolutely tickled that children love our burgers, fries, and especially our shakes.  Some of our most loyal fans and guests are kids and frankly, we get more excited to see them than we do to see you most of the time.  We just really don’t want them entering any information here on the website.  We won’t even establish or maintain a registration for anyone who we know to be under the age of 13, and we definitely don’t solicit or knowingly collect any information from those young people either.  If we ever discover that we have received personally identifiable information from a person who is, or who we have reason to believe is under 13, we will delete the information from our systems.  Safety of children, like the protection of your information, is not a matter that we take lightly.  And when you consider that our founder created Elevation Burger so that parents could have a healthier option for their kids, it makes sense that our mission includes the safety of children.

What Else Do We Collect?

Oh, lots of stuff.  Stamps, baseball cards, bottle caps, seashells, and concert ticket stubs.  Oh, and some more information too.  If you send us a letter or an email or drop us a line by phone, or if you use the “Guest Feedback” page on our website, we will collect the sender’s information and may collect any other information that you voluntarily disclose to us.

Mmmmmm…. Cookies…..

Have you had our Founder’s Cookies yet?  Oh, they are SO good.  But that’s not what I’m talking about here.

Like many other websites, we use the Internet kind of cookies.  They don’t taste as good, but they do give us information that we can use to – you guessed it – elevate your experience.  These Internet cookies are strings of data that are placed on your hard drive during the exchange of data that happens when you use your Internet browser to access our website.  They let us identify your browser as a previous visitor by using that unique string of numbers that were assigned to your browser in a previous visit.  These cookies help us learn what pages on our website that you access and visit, and they help us learn about any other preferences you indicate on our website.

By the way, our cookies can’t go into your computer and pull out other information to give to us – we can only use it to see your activity on our website.  We can’t see anything else.  Cookies don’t even give us a name to go with your cookie – all we can tell is the activity that the cookie is associated with on our website.

You can stop us (and everyone else) from gathering cookies from your browser.  To opt out from having your cookie information stored, check the options on your browser.

All This Information!  Where Do We Keep It?  How Do We Use It?

We store the information we collect electronically in our databases.  We own, maintain and operate our computer servers that contain our databases.  We may also hire contractors to back up the data on other servers or to the cloud.

Here’s some great news for you: we might use the information you provide to us to figure out what kind of special coupons or offers you’d like to receive.  We might even use the information you provide us to  make changes to our restaurants – changes like adding menu items, changing the hours, or some other aspect that we can improve for you.  We’re going to try to keep track of what foods you like most, what locations you like to visit the most, and other trends about your preferences.  We’re doing this because (and we keep coming back to this) we love elevating the Elevation Burger experience for you.  Yes, YOU!

Here are some other things we may do with the information we gather:

  • We might send you advertisements, offers, or notices via mail, email, or other computer-based communications;

  • We might use your previous orders to make your future orders easier to place by identifying your preferences and suggesting them back to you when you place an order;

  • We might use your information to contact you to get your opinions – we love when you give us that information!

  • We might call you to ask about an order that you placed to make sure that we have the complete order, or to fix any problems with your order;

  • We might combine your information with information we gather from others in order to figure out how our guests are using our systems and how we can improve them to (yep) elevate your experience.

Don’t Want Us to Use Your Information?  Here’s What You Can Do.

OK.  We get it.  You love our grass-fed organic burgers that taste like they were ground in the back of the house (because they were).  You can’t stop thinking about our fresh fries cooked in 100% Bertolli® olive oil.  At night you dream about Elevation Burger milkshakes with real strawberries and organic cheesecake.  But even so, you might just not be ready for the kind of relationship where we call, email, and otherwise communicate with you.

If you don’t want us to email you, just let us know. You can change your preferences and opt out of receiving emails from us any time: just email us by putting “UNSUBSCRIBE” in the subject line.  Two things you should know about this: one, you may be missing out on some fun and valuable offers.  Two, you can’t do this if you are placing an order – we may need to reach you to talk about it.  If you opt out, our emails to you will stop within five business days – maybe fewer.

And if you get an email from us asking a bunch of questions, we’d of course love to get more information from you but you have no obligation to respond.  Don’t worry – you won’t hurt our feelings, and we’ll still feed you and feed you well.

People Change, and So Do Privacy Policies.

Scroll back up to the top and read that first paragraph again.  Is it the same as it was the first time you read it?  Click refresh and try it again.  Still the same?  If you do this enough you might find that it has changed a little.  We might change the website and the policies at any time.  So while you probably don’t need to keep clicking refresh and rereading that first paragraph, you might want to check it again from time to time, especially if you’re interested and concerned about privacy policies.

Want To Know What We Know About You?

If you ask us nicely (or if you ask us at all), we will provide you with access to your unique account-related information, and information from contacts that we maintain about you.  If you want this kind of information, please provide us with very specific contact information so we can accurately check our records.

Your Secrets Are Safe With Us.

Your information is protected with a password.  Your password.  We won’t share it with anyone, and we suggest that you don’t share it either.  If you share your computer with other people, close the browser before letting anyone else use it.  (And if you share your fries with other people, be ready to order more!)  Signing off of the website will protect your information if you share your computer with someone else, or if you’re using a public computer at a library, a school, or some other spot like that.

Elevation Nation Rewards

The ELEVATION NATION program allows you to receive certain rewards, which may or may not be identified to you in advance. After all, who doesn’t love a delicious surprise? However, our generosity is not without limits. Please read these terms and conditions so that (aside from some surprising and delightful rewards) nothing about the ELEVATION NATION program comes as a surprise to you.

Purchases at a participating Elevation Burger restaurant may be required to earn some rewards, while some rewards may not require a purchase at all.

Your ELEVATION NATION account must be registered in order for you to receive and redeem rewards. A unique and valid email address is required to participate. A Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other social media account may be required to complete some actions to obtain certain rewards.

You can register on our website here. You may also register through our ELEVATION NATION mobile application on your smartphone or similar device when it becomes available for your device. You may be required to present the device and the application, a phone number or your ELEVATION NATION card in order to earn or redeem rewards. Some promotions may only be available to you if you have installed the ELEVATION NATION mobile application. (Can we just call it an “App” from here on? I’m not getting paid by the word here, and you know what I’m talking about.) In fact, the whole program may delight you differently depending on how you interact with it. You may get different perks and benefits based on how, when, where, and how frequently you use the program.

You must be at least thirteen years old to participate in the ELEVATION NATION program, but we encourage you to buy food at Elevation Burger and share it with the under thirteen crowd. They’ll love that too. Some activities may be restricted to members who are at least eighteen years old. In those cases, it’s probably best that you not share those activities with the under thirteen crowd. But don’t worry – it’s a family place, and we won’t offer anything unseemly.

Some rules: One membership per person. Rewards will be issued by Elevation Burger on a periodic basis. The number, type, and frequency of rewards are based on a number of factors, each of which is subject to change, including without limitation volume and type of purchases that you make at participating Elevation Burger restaurants, your usage of the ELEVATION NATION app, the type and amount of personal information provided (for example your name, a unique and valid email address, your birthdate etc…), and type and amount of participation in and/or interaction with ELEVATION NATION activities (such as social media interaction) and other Elevation Burger programs or applications (for example, surveys).

You may use your ELEVATION NATION account in connection with catering orders from participating locations. However, rewards are not necessarily related to the size or volume of orders.

Our participating locations will do their best to have the ELEVATION NATION program up and running every time you show up at the restaurant, but it’s possible that we may experience some technical difficulties or glitches. If that happens, we won’t be obligated to get you ELEVATION NATION credit for those purchases. In fact, by signing up you agree that we can change, suspend, cancel, or otherwise alter the program in any way at any time, with our without notice to you. I know that doesn’t seem fair, but keep in mind the program will mostly be giving you free stuff, so hopefully you aren’t too bummed out by that.

Unless otherwise indicated, your reward will consist of the single serving size of the item noted. In the event of any discrepancy, ELEVATION BURGER’s determination of the size of the reward shall be final. Again, free stuff y’all. You’re cool with that, right?

ELEVATION NATION accounts may be used to earn points toward purchase-based rewards a maximum of five times per day, and with a minimum of two hours between each usage. (And I will personally be very impressed with anyone who gets five qualifying visits in a day. I really love Elevation Burger, but my personal record is three visits in a day.)

Activities tied to specific rewards must be fully completed, as determined by Elevation Burger, and will only result in one reward regardless of the number of times the activity is performed. Some activities may include features that display your user name, submitted photos, or social media status. Some may involve contests, sweepstakes, or other like activities, which are subject to the applicable rules and terms identified at the time. When earned, rewards will be identified on your account page on the ELEVATION NATION member portal (which can be accessed on our website here, the ELEVATION NATION app, and/or may also be printed on your receipt. You are not obligated to redeem any rewards.

Rewards may be forfeited if not used within an allotted time frame as established by Elevation Burger. So you should use them before you lose them. Rewards are subject to change or substitution without notice. Rewards may not be exchanged for cash, any cash equivalent, or any other products, nor may they be combined with other discounts, coupons, or programs. Rewards may be transferred only through reward transfer programs, if any such programs are made available by Elevation Burger.

Though you may be able to use your ELEVATION NATION card as a gift card or reloadable debit card, your ELEVATION NATION account has no cash value and is not valid if obtained from unauthorized parties, including without limitation through internet auction sites. No cheating!

If we discover that we inadvertently undercharged or overcharged you, including an inadvertent failure to charge the right amount of sales tax or alcohol tax, you give us the right to correct that error at any time by debiting or crediting the card that you used to make the purchase where the error occurred.

Notify us if someone else may have gained access to your account through theft or loss of your smartphone or device or ELEVATION NATION card by clicking here.

Elevation Burger may conduct test programs from time to time in certain markets which may have additional program terms than those described here. We have no obligation to expand or continue any test or the ELEVATION NATION program itself. Rewards may not be earned or redeemed if unexpected technical difficulties arise. Elevation Burger has no responsibility to retroactively apply rewards or use of the ELEVATION NATION app.

Valid only in the United States. As a participant in the ELEVATION NATION program, you give permission to Elevation Burger to expand our use of your information in the ELEVATION NATION program.

Please see the applicable other sections of this webpage and the Privacy Policy for additional relevant information.

What Did We Miss?

Do you have any questions, comments, or just want to chat?  If so, please reach out to us through the Guest Feedback section of the website.  See you at the restaurant!